Wheat Acres Predicted to Soar in the Carolinas

With wheat futures continuing to hover in the upper $8.00 a bushel range, wheat acres across the country are expected to explode this winter, the Carolinas included. NC State small grain specialist Dr. Randy Weisz:

“We are currently estimating that we will have over 900,000 acres of wheat planted. I don’t know that we’ve had that many acres planted at any time that I’ve been here. With 800,000 planted last year it seemed that every little spot available had wheat planted, so who knows where they will find that additional 100,000 acres.”

Executive Director of the North Carolina small Grain Growers Association, Dan Weathington says the estimations are high:
“I think with the price of wheat, and if we have a good fall planting season, I think we will hit 950,000 acres.”

And Weathington says with a little forethought, the land is there to support almost a million acres of wheat:

“There is land to plant it on. Growers that had some full season beans or grain sorghum will plant wheat. The price for next year is looking to be between $7.75-8.00.”

Weathington warns against planting too early:

“Don’t plant to early because if you do, you may not have seed to replant with. You want to try to choose the right date to plant wheat. Randy Weisz has done some great work on that and we have a slide rule that is available. It has a map of NC with the optimal planting dates. The slide rule will help farmers to calibrate their drills.”

While Weathington says wheat seed is plentiful, Weisz says time is not your friend:

“If a grower wants to plant wheat and he doesn’t already have his seed order locked in, he needs to do that right away.”

Dr. Randy Weisz, NC State Small Grain specialist, and Dan Weathington, Executive Director of the NC Small Grain Growers Association.

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