Wet, Rainy Weather Weighs on SC Farmers According to Ag Commissioner

We are finally into August and it seems we have yet to see summer. Spring rains have hung on and on and they are really starting to cost some farmers.

“We had a small taste of summer on Friday with the heat and humidity. That was good to help dry out some of the fields so we can get to the crops. And for some who still need work done in the fields. Hopefully we still have crops that can still reach their potential. It’s a critical time over the next few weeks.

The State FSA technical board met and sent a letter to the Governor saying that at least 36 of the 46 counties met the threshold for yield loss that triggers some of the disaster mechanisms. The Governor will review it and hopefully send on to the Secretary of Agriculture. Now we just need to get into the fields and face the challenges.

The farmers are ready to step up the process so the product that goes out on the shelf is what the consumer will expect.

We have had several media outlets cover the impacts of the excess of rain on the crops. We are doing a better job communicating to the farmers what the challenges of too much rain can have in terms of quality.”

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