Weed Resistance Impacts Grower’s Decisions

Today we are joined by Malone Rosemond, Mid Atlantic Technical Representative for Bayer CropScience.

Tell us how has weed resistance impacted management decisions for growers in the area?

“Weed resistance and how to combat it is now foremost in growers minds. It is a major decision in what crop to plant, what fields to plant and how he is going to budget his resources to produce that crop. Bayer CropScience has technologies such as LibertyLink and Liberty herbicide that offers growers alternative choices to combat weed resistance.”

What are Bayer’s recommendations for a sound resistance management program?

“Bayer CropScience is promoting an initiative called ‘Respect the Rotation’ which recommends weed control programs that rotate crops, modes of actions of herbicides and herbicide traits. We encourage growers to start clean with a good burn down program, use residual herbicides at planning and plant LibertyLink or Glytol LibertyLink seed and use Liberty herbicide to break the glyphosate cycle.”

How does LibertyLink technology and Liberty herbicide fit in with a proactive management plan?

“The LibertyLink trait helps manage weeds against developing resistance to glyphosate or other modes of action by providing the tolerance needed to use Liberty herbicide. Liberty herbicide provides fast and effective control of weeds, maximizing potential for high yields.”

How does the LibertyLink program compare to other alternatives on the market?

“LibertyLink traits offer the grower an alternative to glyphosate based programs. It is the only post emergent alternative currently available. It provides fast and effective control of the most troublesome weeds, especially palmer pigweed, including those that are resistant to glyphosate. Liberty and LibertyLink will be an integral part of future traits that Bayer and others are developing, that is why its important to steward Liberty and incorporate ‘Respect the Rotation’ values to maintain this chemistry until other traits are available.”

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