Virginia Corn Yields Variable across the State

Virginia has been one of the driest states in the mid-Atlantic region this year, and Pioneer Hi-bred field representative Brian Jones says that the state’s corn yields reflect just that:

“One good word to describe our year here would be variable. Our yields are going to definitely reflect the weather patterns and will differ depending on where you are. The northeastern part of the state was hard hit and a lot of the yields were in the single digits and low double digits.”

Other parts of the Commonwealth fared some better according to Jones:

“In the southeastern part of the state, south of the James River the yields went up. Those growers saw a lot of the same yields that the farmers in eastern North Carolina had. The western part of the state had a lot of variation. Some are having their best year while others are struggling to make the average.”

Pioneer had several test plots, and four varieties did especially well according to Jones:

“We just had a plot the other day with four hybrids in it and we had a yield of 400 bushels. That was a dry land plot, not irrigated.”

Jones explains that a few Pioneer Hi-bred varieties fared exceptionally well in this year’s adverse conditions:

“We have three hybrids that are consistently doing well across the board. They are P0912HR, P1319HR and P2088YHR. Those are doing well in good growing conditions as well as some stress.”

This year, Pioneer did a limited roll out of drought tolerant Aqua-Max, and Jones says it’s one of the varieties that’s done the best:

“We will have a tremendous data set on our 114 day option, P1498, it has been a consistent performer in that plot. The yield was 288 in one of our most stressed plots. For the Aqua-Max we are looking for consistency and stability.”

Jones says that Aqua-Max varieties will be more widely released in 2013. For more Pioneer In the field reports, visit our homepage and click on the Pioneer button.

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