Unique Event Cross-train

On Wednesday and again today, Syngenta is hosting their employees from around the world, as well as some invited guests to learn more about the company for whom they work. It’s been just about a year since Syngenta announced that it was consolidating all of its divisions, and in that consolidation putting more focus on the grower.

Head of Corporate Affairs for Syngenta’s Research and Development in RTP, Steven Goldsmith:

“As we are looking now to really put the grower at the center of everything we do. That hasn’t been the case in the past. We are trying to get everyone to think differently, instead of just in their individual work areas. We are asking them to look at what the grower really needs and to look at all of the technology, products and intelligence of the people to see how we can serve them better.

We are bringing in 400 people from the Research Triangle Park and 400 people from Greensboro and 50 from Canada to really help them understand what Syngenta is all about.

I think this event is a great example of the consolidation where we are bringing in people from multiple locations, countries and divisions of the business to really understand what are the challenges that growers of each crop faces and what are some ways that we can serve them better. Ultimately we want to have our people thinking differently about how to solve those challenges and really make an impact on the farmers.

For example the seed people need to think outside of just seeds. For the farmer they need to make sure that they can plant it and its going to grow well, come to harvest and give them good yields. All of those things are important so the seed people need to be thinking about all of the things a farmer needs to grow and not just the seed.”

Steven Goldsmith, Head of Corporate Affairs for Syngenta’s Research and Development in RTP.

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