Union County Poultry Equipment Show Coming Up

On Thursday, April 12, the 5th Poultry Equipment Show gets underway at the Union County Agriculture Center. Richard Goforth, Area Specialized Agent for Poultry for NC Cooperative Extension:

“This will be our fifth annual Poultry Equipment Show. We have been doing it in conjunction with Poultry Equipment Plus in Marshville, this year the event will be coupled with the North Carolina Broiler short course that Dr. Edgar Oviedo from the NC State Poultry Science department. Our show kicks off at 2 pm for an hour to special growers in the area so they can come to see the equipment and not have to mingle with the other poultry growers for bio-security purposes. The show continues from 3 pm until 7:30 pm showcasing just about anything you would use on a poultry farm.” 

Goforth explains that while he doesn’t expect to see a major new innovation in poultry production this year, there’s always improved equipment:

“There is always improvement of design and efficiency. Often times new equipment is made with different, better materials that might help resist rust and last longer. We will see equipment that will work a little faster and use energy more efficiently. “ 

All are welcome at the Poultry Equipment Show, according to Goforth, and if someone is interested in getting into poultry production, Goforth explains that this is a good opportunity to see products first-hand:

“If there are people who want to get involved they can contact me (Goforth) or Mathew Mills at Poultry Plus in Marshville. Its open to the public and we welcome anyone who is interested. It’s a good opportunity to see and learn about new equipment and talk to the reps about how it might help your business.” 

Richard Goforth with NC Cooperative Extension.

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