U.S. Ag Exports to Mexico Still Growing

USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service’s Global Agricultural Information Network reports that Mexico has become one of our largest and fastest-growing trading partners. The report shows exports of consumer-oriented products to Mexico reached almost 6.5-billion dollars in 2010 – making the country the United States' third-largest export market. U.S. agricultural and food exports to Mexico have been climbing at an average rate of almost 10-percent per year.

During the first 10 calendar months of 2011 – U.S. exports to Mexico were up 27-percent – while Mexican exports to the United States were up 17-percent from the previous year. At the same time – the U.S. market accounts for 75-percent of all Mexican exports – while the United States provides Mexico with 61-percent of its imports. Fresh fruit and vegetables account for the largest share of Mexican imports to the United States at 42-percent of the total.

According to the GAIN report – in terms of value – beef is America's top consumer-oriented food export to Mexico. Even without full market access for some products – such as ground beef – in 2010 the U.S. exported 1.64-million metric tons of beef valued at 644-million dollars to the country. The five-year annual growth rate in beef exports to Mexico is 25-percent. Still – poultry tops beef in volume of exports to Mexico – 2.5-million metric tons in 2010 – but at a lower value total of 595-million dollars.

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