It’s an annual tradition….the sitting president of the United States pardoning a turkey prior to Thanksgiving. The national Turkey Federation, based in Washington, D.C. is in charge of providing the recipient of this honor at this particular ceremony, which took place yesterday afternoon. Every wonder about how those turkeys got to such a high position of honor? Joel Brandenburger, president of NTF explains the process:

“Each year our Chairman takes the responsibility for ensuring the turkeys are raised. He will take about 25 from a normal production flock and raise them separately. The only difference is that these turkeys are exposed to more day to day interaction with people. That is designed to acclimate them for the ceremony in the rose garden.”  

Then, explains Brandenburger, two are selected not only for beauty, but for attitude as well:

“A turkey that is not used to being around people will lead to some excitement that no one is really looking for.”

Translation; turkey running loose through the White House or in the streets of Washington, DC. In 2009, North Carolina, the nation’s second largest producer of turkeys, was the provider of the annual turkey pardoning ceremony. This year’s turkeys were raised in Virginia, and will live the rest of their natural lives at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

Cotton Inc. To Host 2nd Annual Runway Show

Cotton Inc. this week announced plans for the 2nd annual Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show scheduled for South Beach Miami from 8:00 pm March 1st through 8:00 pm March 2nd. This follows last year’s groundbreaking debut showcasing the vast fashion versatility of cotton. The 24Hour Runway show features a different cotton outfit every minute for 24 hours, and this year’s event was the first of its kind. Yes, that’s 1,440 outfits.


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