Tobacco GAP Meetings Get Underway Next Week

Tobacco GAP Meetings Get Underway Next Week
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Next week, Johnston County Extension will host their annual tobacco meeting that will also offer continuing GAP certification credits. Director of Johnston County Extension Bryant Spivey:

“This will be our regular production meeting for Johnston County and for tobacco growers in this area. But it will also serve as GAP continuing education for the tobacco growers in our area. Last year we started a uniform GAP certification for growers that has been offered through Cooperative Extension. There was a training last year and the one this year will be shorter, but it will fulfill all of their GAP training requirements.”

The Johnston County meeting is not exclusive to only Johnston County growers, explains Spivey, there are going to be several to choose from around the state:

“There is a series of meetings across the state. Anyone not sure where the meeting is in their area they can contact their local NC Cooperative Extension office. There are about 15 total meetings.”

And growers can attend whichever meeting best fits their schedule says Spivey:

“A grower that is selling tobacco must attend one of these meeting but they can attend any of them.”

The Johnston County meeting is also offering pesticide credits:

“The meeting will not be identical this time at every location. There will be portions that are the same like the labor component, but the extension ones will vary at each location.”

The Johnston County meeting is next week:

“Our meeting is Jan 9th starting at 4 pm at the Johnston County Ag Center. We invite all tobacco growers to attend. We need everyone to pre-register by calling 919-989-5380.”

Bryant Spivey, Director of Johnston County Extension.'

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