Thrips Menacing Flue Cured Tobacco

NC State Extension Entomologist Hannah Burrack has posted a new informational sheet concerning thrips in tobacco.  While the insects are pesky, the greater damage is thrips ability to spread tomato spotted wilt virus.  To date, foliar sprays for thrips have not been effective at reducing the overall virus.  For more information visit SFNToday dot com for a link to the article.

Palmetto State Remains Drought Free

In the latest drought monitor released by USDA on Thursday, the Palmetto State remains drought free, in spite of little rain during the previous week.  South Carolina has remained drought free, with only small pockets of abnormally dry conditions for the better part of year now.

Aggressive Conservation Key to Food Production

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says that an aggressive and progressive conservation effort is critical to continued gains in food production and rural economies.

Ag Organizations Join Together, Urge TPP Negotiators to Finish Deal without Japan

The National Pork Producers Council, National Association of Wheat Growers, U.S. Wheat Association, USA Rice Federation and International Dairy Foods Association are calling on the Obama administration to end Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations without Japan – unless Japan agrees to provide significant market access for the United States. Japan wants to exempt pork, beef, dairy, sugar, rice, wheat and barley from tariff elimination. Allowing Japan to exempt products from going to a zero tariff and preserving the gate price on pork sets a horrible precedent – according NPPC President Dr. Howard Hill.  He says a country can’t shield its primary agricultural products from competition and still claim to be committed to a high-standard agreement that liberalizes essentially all goods.'

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