The “Who’s Who” of kudzu bug management will be at the Edisto Research & Education Center near Blackville, South Carolina tomorrow. Dr. Jeremy Greene, entomologist at Edisto will be hosting the all-star cast:

“There will be scientists from Clemson, University of Georgia, NC State, USDA and others that are interested in this insect.”

Greene is excited about the inroads that have been made this year into kudzu bug management:

“We have learned so much this year and its only the second year that we have had this insect for an entire season. This year has been a lot different than last year, and things have changed on us with this insect. We have learned that the immature state of this insect is very important, we have learned that we need to control that life stage. We have learned a lot about insecticides, which work and which don’t as well as the timing. We have tests that address planting date, maturity group and insecticide application, all in the same test.

We will have someone here from USDA who is a world renowned bio control expert for the bugs. He will talk about a potential new bio control agent that may be released in the next year, it’s a wasp that will just attack the kudzu bug egg.”

Greene explains that the day gets underway with registration at 8:30 on Tuesday morning:

“The program will begin inside at 9 with a few presentations. At 9:45 we will head out into the field and have some break out sessions from 10 until lunch time. We will fill that time with talk on all different topics while walking the plots.”

The afternoon will be filled with practical information on how soybean producers can combat kudzu bugs:

“My colleague, Dr. Phillip Roberts from UGA who has had more experience with this bug than anyone, will be my partner as we speak about recommendations for controlling this insect in soybeans. Then Dr. Walker Jones will talk about prospects for biological control. Then we will have a panel Q & A session and should be done by about 2:30.”

If you’ve not already made plans to attend, and would like to, it’s not too late according to Greene:

“The weather should be fantastic and it will be a very informative day. If folks are interested in attending and they haven’t already RSVP’d, I would appreciate an email to let me know they are coming, even sending it as late as Monday afternoon, that will help us to plan the lunch. Send the email to :”

Dr. Jeremy Greene, entomologist at the Edisto Research & Education Center near Blackville, South Carolina

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