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Talks Underway to Stop Mexican Biotech Ban

Talks Underway to Stop Mexican Biotech Ban

U.S. government leaders are negotiating with Mexico regarding an upcoming ban on biotech crops. Dave Salmonsen, American Farm Bureau Federation Senior Government Affairs Director, says the issue stems from a 2020 Presidential decree from Mexico.

“Stating their intention to phase out the use of glyphosate, biotechnology and genetically modified corn by January of 2024. This decree was meant to cover both the use in Mexico of biotechnology and also products produced with biotechnology that are imported.” 

Salmonsen says the top concern is what the decree means for U.S. exports.

“Mexico is such a large market for the U.S., especially corn, but all kinds of products. So, that would have a severely hampering effect of course for our exporters, but of course for also Mexico, people using corn, there’s really not a lot of other places they could source product. And Mexico has also not approved any new biotechnology traits since 2018.” 

He says negotiations with Mexico regarding the issue are ongoing.

“Secretary Vilsack met with the Mexican president Obrador, Mexican government has been signaling recently they were maybe open to some more discussion about this. Also, this week, our trade representative will be meeting with the Mexican economy minister. American Farm Bureau, other ag groups have weighed in on this with letters and meetings, and of course ultimately, if necessary, a case could be brought under the dispute settlement provisions of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.”