Swine Health Recommendations for Fair Season


Fair season is just around the corner, and for pig exhibitors – vigilance is recommended to minimize disease. Pork Checkoff director of swine health information and research Dr. Lisa Becton encourages exhibitors to learn to identify a sick animal…

“As they are coming into a show where they know they are going to show, if their pig is showing any kind of illness, whether it be a diarrhea or respiratory, its up to them and their parents to decide whether its appropriate to participate. If the animal is sick, it really should not go to an exhibit. If your animal is healthy, its important to keep your area clean, don’t share equipment with other people and minimize your traffic as much as possible. If your pig starts to get sick while you are at an exhibit, let the fair organizers know so the show veterinarian can maybe do some things to pull that pig to an isolation area and help preserve the health of all.”

After the fair – exhibitors are advised to isolate returning pigs from the other pigs on the farm. That is just one of many recommendations for after the show…

“Take any of the animals that you are bringing back and isolate them in a separate area for at least 14-30 days. That allow for you to make sure they don’t get sick once they get home. And you can do some testing when you get home for diseases. Its very important for them to be observed and not be put directly in contact with the herd. So you don’t run the risk of spreading any disease. Its also important to clean and sanitize any equipment you used at the exhibits.”


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