Sulfur Deficiency in Wheat

Recently at the Small Grains Field Day on the eastern shore of Virginia, several test plots demonstrated sulfur deficiency in wheat. Dr. Mark Rider, Asst professor of soils and nutrient management with Virginia Tech at the Eastern Shore Agricultural Research & Education Center discussed the trials:

“Due to the clean air act and reduced sulfur emissions, we are seeing more sulfur nutrient deficiencies. So we have several trials going on to see which products and rates work best.

With nitrogen you want to reduce excessive applications. Farmers do a good job, but we want to increase their efficiency and eliminate nitrogen from ending up in the ground water. On the eastern shore we are seeing a lot of sulfur deficiencies and our standard recommendation is to put out sulfur fertilizer on small grains.

This part of the bay is part of the new EPA standards. It’s been interesting working here with grants as some of them have been pulled out because some of the properties were in a different water shed.

There have been several organizations and farmers who are ensuring they are doing best management practices to make sure they are good stewards of the land.

All farmers need to focus on sulfur, it’s a nutrient we are seeing a lot of deficiencies with.”

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