As we heard from Joe Landino yesterday, the Blacklands of eastern North Carolina offer some of the richest, most fertile soils in the state. Landino has been an agricultural pioneer in more ways than one through his years in eastern North Carolina, and has been involved in starting high school in the region to bring young people into farming or processing in the area:

“It’s a high school that we have just started, its called The Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience. It’s the first regional school in the state. We have students from five different counties.”

Landino explains the 2012-13 school year is the first for the high school:

“This is our first class, we start in the ninth grade this year in the fall and a new class of ninth graders in the fall. We plan to expand it up to about 400 students focused on the biotechnology and agriscience, based at the Tidewater Research station.”

Landino says that the Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience doesn’t follow the traditional school calendar of most public schools:

“In this school there is the opportunity to interact with some of the best agriculture research workers in the state, including agronomists, entomologists and horticulturists. We have committed them to 200 school days per year, instead of the conventional 180, so they can have 20 extra days for the other activities. If they complete five years of high school here, they will have the potential to have two years of college complete at the end of five years, so they could go to State college as a junior.”


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