Stakeholders from Across Animal Ag Industry Represented on Task Force

Yesterday we heard from Dr. Andrew Maccabe, Exec. Dir Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges on the task force that’s been formed to research antibiotic resistance in humans as it relates to antibiotic use in food animals. Maccabe outlines the segments that are represented on the task force:

“This task force includes representatives from production groups including the National Cattlemans Association, Pork Producers and the Chicken Council. We also included some government officials and industry representation. We want to bring everyone together to work collectively. This task force is so valuable to work and solve this problem.”

Maccabe explains that resistance to antibiotics is nothing new, and what the task force is charged with finding out, is if antibiotic resistance in humans can be linked to antibiotic use in food animals:

“Its also important to put this into some historic context. There has been resistance to antibiotics as long as there have been antibiotics. They occur naturally and without human intervention. The question is how much of this is being caused by animal ag and what are the appropriate responses to protect the use of antibiotics for animal and human health.”

One of the first things this task force is going to do is create a timeline says Maccabe:

“Our first task is to develop that timeline. Hopefully in 6 months we will have information. The White House also has a task force and we will be working in tandem with that group.”

Exec. Dir Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges, Dr. Andrew Maccabe.'

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