Southern Farm Network wants you for the New SFNToday

We at the Southern Farm Network are just about as proud as new parents can be with a new site launched yesterday. So far so good!

One of the new components of the site is called “In Your Backyard.” Bob Midles of the Southern Farm Network explains:

“As we thought about the redesign, we also thought about content that our audience would be interested in. We thought about things that we could supply that our site doesn’t currently have. One thing we came up with was ‘hyper-local content’ as something that the community would want. The concept is that we are drilling down to some very concentrated areas in our region, in which we will have people in place to manage community ag information and be the ‘ag hub’ for that area.”

We divided the states up into micro regions and we would like to have a person that lives or works in each region to supply information to us:

“We have zones set up, some based on soil types, others on common crops. We have 12 zones in NC and 7 in SC. We’d like the representatives to be based in those zones to have a good understanding of the agribusiness and have connections. They will be managing their own dedicated page on our site – it will be related to activities and events and general information about and for the farm community in that zone.”

Each zone will have its own dedicated web page:

“Once the program is up and running, our web visitors will be able to select the zone they are living in and their page will automatically appear for them when they come to the site. Essentially they will have their own mini-website complete with photos, information and other things that are relevant to just their area.”

If someone is interested in becoming a Southern Farm Network Representative, how can they apply?

“They can go to our site and in the footer is an icon for this program, and it will take you to a page that gives some additional background on what we are looking for. There is also information on submitting a resume.”

You can click here to see the In Your Backyard information

Southern Farm Network’s Bob Midles'

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