Southeastern U.S. Facing Flash Drought

An unprecedented early blizzard in the Northern U.S., along with the second-highest runoff year on record in the Missouri River basin, combine now with a flash drought in the Southeastern United States. The latest Drought Monitor shows conditions continue to dry out, coinciding with record warmth, with deteriorations widespread and rapidly occurring in the region. Florida and Alabama had their third warmest September on record, South Carolina their fourth and Georgia their fifth. Alabama, Georgia and Florida all had their driest September on record. Mississippi had their driest September on record and Tennessee had their second driest, while Texas and Louisiana had their warmest Septembers. And, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi had their second warmest. Meanwhile, the High Plains and Midwest regions will likely see season-ending freeze events, as a blizzard moves across the region with some areas expecting up to a foot of snow. And, the Missouri River remains flooded by what could become a record runoff season. Flooding started in March following the bomb-cyclone winter storm.