South Carolina Farmers Have Grain Sorghum Options, Too

It’s well known that Murphy-Brown, the production arm of Smithfield Foods has been behind a push to educate farmers about growing grain sorghum in North & South Carolina to reduce the grain deficit of both states. Robbie Montgomery is a Grain Originator for Murphy-Brown LLC:

“We are seeing an early estimate of acreage of close to 100,000 for sorghum harvest which is unbelievable compared to five years ago when we were at 5,000 acres.”

Earlier this year there were rumors circulating that due to the drought in the Midwest and southern plains, there might be a sorghum seed shortage. Montgomery says the seed is out there if you look, or ask your seed dealer:

“The seed supply is in much better shape than an earlier look at it. One of the things we have done to help people understand about the availability, is on our website, , you can find availability with sorghum results from last year. We also have dealers listed who have the seed available.”

With every report USDA releases corn prices waffle and wobble, Montgomery addresses the fact that the cash price Murphy-Brown pays for sorghum is tied to the cash price of corn:

“The sorghum decision really starts at allocating your land properly. Corn is around $6 harvested, and we pay 95% of its flat price of corn for our sorghum. What is important in deciding whether to plant sorghum is all the benefits it brings in terms of drought tolerance and a good rotation crop. Things that really help the farmer with their farming business.”

Now, there are delivery locations set up so that South Carolina farmers can consider grain sorghum for their farms as well says Montgomery:

“In South Carolina we see sorghum acres increasing. We have two feed mills that are far enough south in North Carolina that they are good delivery locations for our South Carolina farmers.”

To learn more on seed availability and delivery locations visit .

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