South Carolina Drought Deepens

This week’s drought monitor update shows drought conditions in South Carolina continue to creep north from the Georgia border according to independent meteorologist Kyle Bridgers:

“Seems like the drought conditions have gotten a little worse for the Georgia and South Carolina border, as it was last week, and those conditions are working their way into central South Carolina.”

“Hopefully this next system coming through this weekend, that will be affecting the coast of both North and South Carolina and Virginia, will also have some effects on central South Carolina. Hopefully improving their drought conditions.”

"For central and eastern North Carolina its true that we are getting just enough rain to stay status quo, bur for western North Carolina, they have seen a significant amount of rain over the past few days.”

“We are hoping the drought free part of North Carolina might creep eastward a bit. Though right now we are still seeing some drought conditions in the piedmont area of North Carolina.”

“We are looking at some rain this weekend and we need it. We have a cold front coming in from the northwest over Saturday night into Sunday. Then we have a cut off low coming from the Gulf of Mexico making its way northeast. Hopefully that might track a bit west which would bring improvement to our drought conditions in central and western South Carolina.”

“This weekend we can expect about an inch to inch and a half of rain on the coast. In the central part of the state maybe a half inch.”

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