South Carolina Corn & Soybean Association Annual Meeting February 2nd

The South Carolina Corn & Soybean Association is hosting their annual business meeting on February 2nd at the Wagon Trail Range near Sumter. Kathy Fudge, Executive Director of the South Carolina Corn and Soybean Association:

“On February 2, we have our annual business meeting for the South Carolina Corn & Soybean Association and along with that we have our awards ceremony and banquet, but the most fun part though, is that during the day we’ll have a sporting clay event, which is like golf with guns. And teams will get together and go from station to station and compete. Just a lot of fun, and we have prizes for the winner.”

Fudge says that an all day event is planned:

“And then after that’s all over with we’ll go back to the club house where we will have our banquet and wait for all the results to come in and then we start our banquet dinner and we have our little annual meeting, and then we’ll have our award ceremony for both the shooting contest and the corn yield and soybean yield contest winners.”

While the soybean yield contest results have yet to be determined, the corn yield contest will be something of a surprise, given the tough growing conditions last year:

“From what I know of having corn entered right now, it’s pretty good, if not record-breaking this year.”

As to cost to attend the all-day event:

“The event is free for members, and if you’re not a member, we welcome you, but it’s $100, but with that $100 you get membership into our association, National Corn Growers and American Soybean Association, plus you get to shoot, and you get your meal at the banquet.”

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