Sharing First-hand Crop Insurance Stories

National Crop Insurance Services is on a mission to tell the first-hand stories of farmers and ranchers who rely on the safety net provided by crop insurance. They’ve been on the road this year visiting farmers and insurance adjusters in Pennsylvania and New York. Farmers like Jared Smith in Mayport, Pennsylvania….

“I’m the eighth generation on the farm, so it’s kind of important to me to make a successful business to be able to pass along to my kids. I think it gives them a good work ethic, a sense of responsibility that they won’t get other places. They can learn it in school, they can try and teach that, but I don’t think it’s the same as what they will ever learn on the farm.”

In 2018, Smith was affected by wet weather that severely impacted his ability to plant hay meant for his dairy cows….

“August 25th came and we got pounded with rain. The rest of the fall was a battle to get crops in. We left hay standing that we just couldn’t, we couldn’t physically get through the fields to get it off.”

Farming comes with inherent risks such as weather or the fluctuations of commodity markets. Crop insurance gives farmers the opportunity to invest in their own protection. Smith first invested in a Pasture, Rangeland, Forage policy a decade ago…

“The margins in agriculture are so slim right now that I feel crop insurance gives you a level of security that you’re going to have some income off the investment you’re making into your crops – whether it’s the PRF program or the revenue protection program or just the basic tonnage programs that are available, they all give you a certain level of protection that you can’t get anywhere else that I’ve seen.”

Without crop insurance, farmers like Jared Smith would be unable to provide America with the safe, affordable and high-quality products that feed our nation…

“There are so many risks with Mother Nature and everything that it makes it hard to guarantee something or at least gives you a guarantee on what you’re going to get back.”

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