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Securing Early-Season Weed Control

All weeds are troublesome, but the early-season one in particular can quickly cause irreparable damage to a farmer’s bottom line. Chad Threewits is an agronomy service representative with Syngenta. He talks about why strong early-season weed control matters, and how producers can achieve it.

“Early season weeds, they greatly reduce an acre’s yield potential. Immediately after planting, environmental stresses reduce each plants yield potential. The early-season weeds can steal vital nutrients like nitrogen and water, among other things needed for corn growth and grain fill. Syngenta studies have found that one-inch to two-inch weeds consumed over nine pounds of nitrogen per acre, and in three days, three-inch weeds can remove one inch of water from the soil. So, applying a strong herbicide program with overlapping residual will give crops the advantage that this crucial early season window.” 

He says residual control is something important to look for in a herbicide.

“Residual control helps keep fields cleaner longer, and it gives you the flexibility on your post application. Without residual, your chances for weed escapes increase, which can grow really quickly, and they can get out of control very fast. And we really want to try to manage these weeds once they get four inches in height. Once they get larger than that, it can limit our host options and also increase our chances for herbicide resistant weeds and those in turn will go back into the weed seed bank. Choosing a herbicide a long-lasting residual control and multiple effective sites of action will save weed management headaches down the road, and the right herbicide program to even pay back and potential yield.” 

Threewits talks about his recommendation for a product that will control early-season weeds and provide the longest-lasting residual.

“I recommend Acuron herbicide because it outperforms and out-yields other corn herbicides. Acuron contains four active ingredients, including the unique component bicyclopyrone, which gives the product three effective sites of action. The bicyclopyrone helps Acuron outperform and out-yield competitors by providing build and burn down, powerful weed control, proven crop safety, and long-lasting residual. Acuron controls tough yield-robbing weeds the other products may miss. Studies have shown fields are 83 times less likely to develop weed resistance if they’ve received more than two and a half effective sites of action per herbicide application. So better weed control means higher yield potential. When applied for emergence and for rates, Acuron lets you discover five to 15 more bushels an acre than other herbicides, because it controls tough yield-robbing weeds better.” 

Still not sure if Acuron is worth the investment? See why growers say it is at, or talk to your local Syngenta retailer. And remember to always read and follow label instructions. Acuron is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Acuron yield advantage range is based on 2016 Syngenta and university trials.