Second of Three NC Small Grains Field Days on Thursday

The second of three small grain field days is scheduled for Thursday in Beaufort County. Jacob Searcy, with Beaufort County Cooperative Extension explains what’s planned for the event:

“It will be May 10th starting with registration at four pm. At 4:30 we will start the event by going thru a wheat field and talking about the different varieties and diseases. We will also some types of weed control and fertilizers. Finally we will compare conventionally managed plots and intensive managed plots.”

Searcy says that a number of varieties are involved in this year’s trials:

“Right now we have about forty different varieties along with test plots from NC State.”

The field trials have been specially designed for Coastal Plain Conditions, says Searcy:

“Different soils, different temperatures, different disease pressures, the things that farmers will be most interested in. Also we will look at maturity date.”

Like the field day on Tuesday, this one is also on a private farm, near Aurora:

“The event will take place on Sid Cayton’s farm outside of Aurora on highway 33. We will have field day signs along the highway to mark the location.”

And finally:

“We look forward to having farmers come out, it will definitely be worth their while. We also want to thank the previous county director who retired, Galen Ambrose for all of the hard work he did to get the plot set up.”

A meal will be served at 6:30, that Searcy promises will be worth the effort.

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