Today at 9:00 am at the Edisto Research and Education Center near Blackville, the first of two fall field days will get underway. This one will cover peanuts and corn, then later in October, a second field day will cover soybeans, cotton and grain sorghum.

Dr. John Mueller, Director of the Edisto Research & Education Center for Clemson University:

“We start at 9 with a field tour of peanuts and then we go into our program with corn.”

As Mueller mentioned, all the station’s corn has been harvested, and it looks to have been a good year:

“We have had a good year. There were some leaf spots early on but they don’t seem to have affected yield that bad. We have had good yields overall. With irrigation we are anywhere from 90-150, our testing averaged 192 bushels, and our dry land tests averaged 90-100 bushels.”

As far as insect and disease pressure, Mueller says nothing out of the ordinary on corn:

“I think our insects this year were pretty normal.”

As far as today’s field day is concerned, Mueller says there will be a tour of the peanut trials:

“We will have a full field tour for peanuts. They will have some variety trials, fungicide trials, and fertility work. For the corn, it will be an indoor session since we have already harvested everything. But we will report on our irrigated and our dry land crops for that.”

Then, in about a month, other crops will be showcased at the Edisto REC according to Mueller:

“We will have a soybean and cotton field day on Tuesday October 4th in the evening at 4 pm. We have some irrigation work there and some fungicide trials.”

For more information on today’s peanut and corn field day at the Edisto REC, visit our calendar.

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