SC Producer Harvesting Average Corn Yields

Will Mimms, grain producer with Green & Mimms LLC, near Lynchburg, in Sumter County South Carolina has harvested all of his dry land corn this year, and is seeing average yields in what’s been a challenging weather year:

“We harvested most of our dry land corn, most of that was Pioneer, and I think the average is going to run around 110 bushes per acre, that is slightly less than average, but in a year like this we are glad to have it. The irrigated acres that we have harvested have been pretty good. One earlier maturing Pioneer field was coming in at about 235 bushels per acre. I had two other fields that were Pioneer corn that averaged above 250 bushels per acre.”

The dryland that Mimms was referring to are the corners of fields with center pivots, and it’s obvious that irrigation made a big difference:

"Some of the drylands were corners on the irrigated fields. There was a vast difference in yields between the two.”

Mimms plants primarily Pioneer Hi-bred varieties, but this year gave another a try:

“The majority is always Pioneer. We planted some deep gap this time, its been good under irrigation.”

Regarding their good yields in a challenging weather year, Mimms says their production practices didn’t change much this year:

“I cant say I did much different, maybe it’s just the Lord helping us out.”

And unlike many producers in the Carolinas, Mimms didn’t plant early:

“These irrigated fields were all planted from March 29-April 25. We usually start around March 15.”

Mimms planted soybeans behind one of the best wheat crops he’s ever harvested, and plans to plant some wheat behind corn, and some fields will be corn on corn this year.

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