SC Farmer Thinks Out of the Box to Harvest Wheat

We can always count on Landy Weathers to think out of the box…we spoke with Weathers, of Weathers Brothers Farms near Bowman South Carolina last year about his double crop corn. This year, once again, he’s not disappointed, he had to get pretty creative to harvest 800 acres of wheat:

"A lot of people, including us, have resorted to purchasing or renting a set of tracks to put on your combine to try to get out and salvage what you can. The quality has definitely taken a hit on wheat. It was an excellent crop, I can only remember two days I think in a row that that it was raining and every time you get one of those, particularly when the wheat is mature, then the quality starts to drop really fast. There is a lot of sprout damage. You go out with tracks and salvage when you can.”

So, with a little experience using tracks on a combine, Weathers decided to try them on a tractor to work some of the other crops:

“We initially had an arrangement with a friend and we rented a set thinking we would just need them on the wheat crop. Then we had an opportunity to buy a set and wanted to have them if we needed them. We looked at our cotton crop that had not been dressed and were deciding what to do, and figured how to put the tracks on the tractor. We borrowed a high clearance fertilizer spreader and went out and top dressed the cotton. It looks pretty good now.”

This time last year Weathers was making plans to put in a second corn crop behind early corn grown for silage. Not so this year:

“Because of the wet conditions, we are chopping corn silage right now which is a solid three weeks later than normal. Even the fields that we are chopping, we are having to use some unorthodox means of getting it out of the field, like tractors and dump carts, which means that if its that wet its probably too wet to plant. Coupled with the fact its 3 weeks later than normal, I don’t see us putting in the second corn crop.”

In fact, Weathers went on to say that most of their double-crop plans have either changed or been abandoned. At this point in the season, soybeans are about the only option.

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