SC Commissioner Weathers: Thanksgiving in SC

It may seem like Christmas is around the corner. SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to talk more about where to find the perfect tree for the holidays.

  • We’ve been blessed with good crop yields this year, and great weather. And now it’s time for one of my favorite days all year: Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving is an important family-time holiday for me, and this year more so than ever. I’m thankful that my family is healthy and happy. And a special thankfulness for a healthy granddaughter who arrived November 12th.
  • I’m thankful for the work I get to do on behalf of South Carolinians. And, for a staff at the Department of Agriculture who have a passion for all that we do.
  • Above all, I’m thankful for all the hard work South Carolina farmers have put in this year.
  • Prior to COVID, a survey by the National Restaurant Association found that almost 10 percent of Americans eat out on Thanksgiving rather than staying home. I haven’t seen any post-COVID data on Thanksgiving specifically but given the well-documented boom in takeout ordering over the past year and a half, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people than ever are going to order some Thanksgiving food from a local restaurant.
  • This year, we’ve put a renewed focus on our Fresh on the Menu restaurant program, helping strengthen South Carolina’s restaurants and their ties to farmers at a critical time for the hospitality community. You can find restaurants that use local ingredients at and find out where to source local foods at
  • On behalf, of SCDA, Happy Thanksgiving!