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SC Commissioner Weathers: Sunbelt Ag Expo is This Week

The famous Sunbelt Ag Expo is this week in Moultrie, Georgia. Commissioner Hugh Weathers will be making the trip, and here he is to tell us about it.  

  • Sunbelt is an agricultural-based trade show – and it’s massive.
    • 100-acre exhibit area adjoining a 600-acre working research farm
    • More than 1,200 exhibitors
  • You can find SCDA program staff in the Clemson University building this year.
  • I am headed to Georgia on Tuesday to help recognize Keith Allen, South Carolina Farmer of the Year for 2022.
  • Mr. Allen owns Betty Allen Farms in Latta, South Carolina.
  • Today he farms 3800 acres – cotton, soybeans, corn, peanuts and winter wheat.  
  • Proponent of precision ag technology.
  • Uses conservation practices including strip till on most crops and no till on soybeans and corn, and is experimenting with cover cropping. He also has created quail habitat buffers to increase the quail population and tree borders to reduce runoff and erosion.
  • Keith is chairman of his county conservation district, president of the Dillon County Farm Bureau, and vice president of the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation. He is also on the South Carolina Cotton Board and is a member of the South Carolina Soybean Association. Nationally Keith is a member of the AFBF Policy Advisory Committee. 
  • Keith will be in the running for Southeastern Farmer of the Year, but no matter what happens, we’re lucky to have him farming here in SC.