SC Commissioner Weathers: Summer Cookouts and Specialty Foods

Summer is a great time to get together with our families and fire up the grill.

There are some incredible bottled barbecue sauces, rubs and spice blends made by enterprising South Carolinians.

The category of bottled condiments, candies, snacks, jams, spice blends and other prepared packaged foods is called “specialty foods.”

Our agency works in conjunction with the South Carolina Specialty Food Association, the only statewide organization dedicated to promoting the best specialty food products available in the Palmetto State.

It is a nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors

Look for the “Certified SC Product” brand on the product label. Active members of the association are required to be members of SCDA’s Certified South Carolina program as well.

The SC Specialty Food Association has helped farmers, producers, and retailers across the state grow their businesses through joint marketing programs, promotional campaigns, in-person selling opportunities, mentoring, and networking events, for over 20 years.

Annual SC Specialty Food Association catalog is distributed to welcome centers, retailer, and trade shows across the nation.

For more information and membership inquiries, visit