SC Commissioner Weathers: Sonoco + GreenGas Partnership

Two South Carolina-based companies are partnering to address climate change in a new way. Commissioner Hugh Weathers was there at the official announcement of this partnership last week in Hartsville, SC.

Sonoco is a global provider of packaging products, including produce packaging and other agricultural solutions. 

Sonoco has upgraded its Hartsville wastewater treatment site to significantly reduce carbon emissions.  

Anaerobic wastewater treatment is a highly efficient treatment process that uses less energy and produces less sludge than conventional aerobic treatment. The organic matter in the wastewater is converted to carbon dioxide and methane.  

In partnership with renewable natural gas developer GreenGasUSA, new biogas equipment at the lagoon now converts any gaseous methane to pipeline quality renewable natural gas for use in homes and businesses using the existing interstate pipeline system.

This partnership is expected to reduce Sonoco’s greenhouse gas emissions by 8,000 metric tons per year and provide renewable energy to South Carolina.

GreenGas also partnered with McCall Farms to capture methane from their facility, making the company a great partner to agribusiness.