SC Commissioner Weathers: Beef and Dairy Month in SC

June is Beef Month AND Dairy Month in South Carolina. Here to tell us about it is Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers.

  • Yes, in SC we celebrate both these cattle-connected months in June.
  • The goal is to recognize the dedicated beef and dairy farmers in our state.


  • Last year, SC farmers marketed around 170,000 head of cattle.
  • The beef industry has suffered because of the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly because of the strain placed on the cattle market and the supply chain.
  • However, lots of great innovation. Recently we helped a group of SC producers form a beef marketing co-op that will seek to expand processing and create a high quality jointly branded South Carolina ground beef product.


  • The SC dairy industry has seen a decrease in producers throughout the past years due to mergers and other industry factors.
  • However, the dairy industry has seen an increase in technology with the addition of robotic milking systems at Clemson University and other dairies, like Milky Way Jersey Farm in Anderson County.
    • These robotic systems allow their cows to have lower stress levels because of decreased human contact, free up major labor concerns, and expand production by typically working 24 hours a day seven days a week
  • There are a handful of goat dairies in our state, including Whispering Pines, located in Seneca. Whispering Pines operates a goat and sheep dairy, as well making their own goat and sheep cheese and dairy products. 
  • Other organizations throughout our state, like the SC Cattleman’s Association and Clemson University, work to promote the consumption, education, research, and overall health of the beef industry.