SC Commissioner Weathers: Avian Flu Confirmation in Colleton County

Recently, a case of high path avian influenza was detected in Colleton County, South Carolina. SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to tell us more about the situation.

  • The case of Eurasian H5 was found in an American Wigeon, a species of wild duck, by a hunter in Colleton, SC.
  • This was detected through ongoing sampling taking place in Atlantic and Pacific flyways. As of right now, there is no indication that HPAI has moved from wild migratory birds to poultry.
  • SCDA is working with Clemson University and the USDA to monitor the situation.
  • Some advice for now:
    • Keep it away- keep poultry and pets away from wild ducks and geese and take care nor to track the virus back to your flock after hunting. Keep new birds separated from established flocks.
    • Keep it clean- Clean your cages and coops and any equipment before using. Wash you hands and vehicles. Avoid cross-contamination and cook game meat thoroughly.
  • Please report sick wild birds to SCDNR at 800-922-5431 and domesticated birds to Clemson LPH at 803-788-2260. Remember that early detection and reporting can help reduce the spread of disease.