SC Commissioner Weathers: Ashley Ridge High School/Fox Ridge Farm

Last week, SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers paid a visit to Ashley Ridge High School in Summerville, SC to tour Fox Ridge Farm, a 10-acre working farm on campus.

  • Program opened in 2012 with 65 members the first year.  They currently have 454 students in the program.
  • Opened as a horticulture program with a small greenhouse and raised bed gardens.  Now covers 10 acres and offers educational pathways in horticulture, plant and animal systems, and environmental and natural resources.
  • Farm opened in 2017 with 5 goats and 4 pigs. Currently over 200 animals in a variety of species and breeds.
  • Outside of the Barn and Farm office, all structures were built by Agriculture students.  Greenhouses and areas were provided through referendum funds.
  • Farm is run as much like a business as possible.  Students learn about ag business through the running of the farm and discussions of what animals sell for and what the costs of resources are. 
  • Greenhouses produce around $8,000 worth of spring flowers each March.
  • Greenhouses were originally the WestVaco Greenhouses where Nexton now resides.
  • It takes right around $100,000 each year to operate this program and farm.
  • They sell animals young and adult, farm products, and host events locally to help raise money to run the farm and support the FFA program.
  • Those looking to support or assist with anything can visit the website or facebook page: and Fox Ridge Farm and Fund.
  • The Fox Ridge Fund is a 501c3 dedicated to supporting Fox Ridge Farm and our community interests.
  • Any questions or concerns can be shared at