Sanderson Farms Takes One More Step to Expansion in Eastern NC

Sanderson Farms announced that is has bought a parcel of land in Nash County, NC for a poultry processing plant. This will be in addition to the plant outside of Kinston, and feed mill nearby. The City of Wilson, NC has been fighting Sanderson Farms for nearly two years on the location of the new plant, maintaining that the spray fields required to dispose of 1.4 million gallons a day of treated wastewater will potentially contaminate Buckhorn Reservoir, City of Wilson’s source of drinking water, which was paid for by Wilson residents. The opponent’s next vow to take their fight to the N.C. Department of Natural Resources, where Sanderson will seek a permit for the spray fields in an area designated as a protected watershed.

On the other hand, the project has been embraced by officials in Nash County for its 1,100 jobs in an area that has one of the state’s highest unemployment rates.

The 25-acre parcel the company recently bought would be used for a chicken hatchery. But, Sanderson officials are vague about the timing of construction and opening of the plant, citing high feed costs as a deterrent to expansion.

Oil Price Surge Temporary

Hurricane Isaac is battering southern Louisiana with wind and lots of rain … Oil platforms and refineries are shut down because of Isaac. Phil Flynn, Senior Market Analyst with the Price futures Group in Chicago, says that should mean only a temporary hike in gas prices.

“The good news is, the storm isn’t as bad as it might have been, but the bad news is, it will still hit us in the pocketbook regardless.”

Carolinas See Largest One-Day Surge in Gas Prices since Katrina

AAA Carolinas reports Hurricane Isaac has caused the sharpest overnight spike in gas prices in the Carolinas since Hurricane Katrina seven years ago.

South Carolina prices jumped almost 8 cents a gallon to nearly $3.58 on Wednesday. In the Upstate, which typically has the lowest gas prices, the increase was almost 11 cents. Gas was up more than 5 cents a gallon in North Carolina with the average price $3.73. Prices in the Asheville area were up more than 6 cents.

The sharpest single overnight gas price increase in the region was during Katrina in 20005 when prices jumped almost 16 cents a gallon in South Carolina and almost 12 cents in North Carolina.

Tropical Storm Isaac Welcomed in Drought-Stricken Areas of the U.S.

Tropical Storm Isaac may bring more rain to states impacted by drought along the Mississippi River valley – but experts don’t expect it will eliminate the Midwest drought – though it may ease the drought. National Weather Service Hydrologist Marty Pope says heavy rains could provide some relief for low-water conditions hampering traffic along the Mississippi River – which would help quite a bit.

USDA Projects Record Farm Income for 2012

USDA Chief Economist Joe Glauber has highlights of the new USDA farm income forecast for calendar year 2012:

“Our current estimates are showing some very large numbers for net cash income and net farm income. Both are up over 2011 levels. They essentially reflect the really strong cash receipts we are seeing on the crop side. Livestock receipts are down a little bit.”

Last Ditch Effort to get Farm Bill Passed is On

The last-ditch push for a September farm bill is on – but a key ag Senator admits the threat of reverting to ancient 1949 farm law without it isn’t much of a threat. Chuck Grassley of Iowa concedes it’s more likely than not – and more than it was before the August recess – that Congress will extend the 2008 farm law if it’s about to expire October 1st. Grassley said last week the threat of automatic reversion to outdated 1949 law with its supply control programs may be the only thing left to get the House to pass a farm bill. Yet, Grassley still feels the Farm Bill Now Coalition of over 40 farm groups can make a difference for the 2012 bill when it rallies in Washington D.C. next month. is dedicated to serving the agricultural industry in the Carolinas and Virginia with the latest ag news, exclusive regional weather station readings, and key crop market information. The website is a companion of the Southern Farm Network, provider of daily agricultural radio programming to the Carolinas since 1974. presents radio programs, interviews and news relevant to crop and livestock production and research throughout the mid-Atlantic agricultural community.