Respect the Rotation Event in Mt. Olive NC This Afternoon

As we all know, herbicide-resistant weeds are a major issue in the Mid-Atlantic States, and there are several approaches to combating the problem. To help cultivate ideas and answers Bayer CropScience and it’s university partners are hosting 12 field days across the Midwest, south and Southeast. One will be this evening near Mt. Olive. Malone Rosemond, Sr. Tech Service Representative for Bayer CropScience in North Carolina has more:

“The ‘Respect the Rotation’ is an initiative between the ag industry and university scientists to promote and educate growers and producers on the importance of rotating crops. Its information about modes of action and technologies to combat weed and herbicide resistance or prevent it from becoming a major problem here in the Carolinas”

The location for this particular tour is near Mount Olive, North Carolina, according to Rosemond:

"It takes place about five miles east of Mount Olive, off highway 55. There will be signs to direct you to the field which if off of Emmaus Church Road. Registration starts at three and the tour starts at four. Then we will have a dinner at 6:30.”

The state’s most respected weed scientist are scheduled to speak at the event:

“Dr. Alan York and Wes Everman from NC State will be talking about their projects which include a background on herbicide resistance in North Carolina, weed resistant programs in cotton and soybeans, and how the rotation of residual herbicides can fit into a weed resistant program. Also new technologies that are up and coming.”

Malone suggests registering at the event:

“Its best to register at the field. There will also be two hours of CCA credits and pesticide credits available.”

Registration gets underway at 3:00 pm this afternoon outside Mt. Olive. Sr. Tech Service Representative for Bayer CropScience, Malone Rosemond on Today’s Topic

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