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Recent National Cattlemen

Executive Director of the North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association Bryan Blinson recently attended the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association annual convention in Tampa, and says he was impressed with the attitude of producers there:

“The industry is very optimistic. The attitude of farmers and ranchers from across the country is very upbeat.”

Blinson says that he even heard some producers talk of rebuilding herds after many liquidated due to last year’s severe Midwestern drought:

“The optimism carries into some potential rebuilding and it will all be dependent on moisture in parts of the country that have been so deficient. There are signs of some minor rebuilding at this point.”

Winter moisture in areas of the drought stricken area are helping promote that optimism says Blinson:

“Its helping to build that optimism and at least the seeds of rebuilding.”

Even though we in the Carolinas had plenty of moisture last year, the Midwestern drought affected cattle producers here none-the-less, and not just high grain prices for feed. Blinson explains:

“Our cow farmers here in the state have been impacted somewhat from the drought because we send a lot of our cattle to the Midwest to be finished and the corn is a big part of the finishing process. The drought effect on the corn has certainly had an effect on prices. They were good, but with a bumper crop of corn they could have been better.”

As far as beginning the process of cattle herd rebuilding, Blinson explains that it will take years:

“The generation turn over in the cattle industry is quite different than it is in the other protein segments because of gestation length and the time it takes to get a cow into production, you have several years before you can get it in to market. So even if we went full steam into rebuilding now it would be several years to completely rebuild. And given the economics of the times, people will really look toward the bottom line as to how they rebuild and the quality of the replacements they put in. That bodes well for this part of the country because we have had moisture and have a good number of calves to sell.”

And a little surprise at this year’s NCBA convention was the Dodge Ram Trucks Super bowl ad according to Blinson:

“I left the convention with a lot of optimism as I think did most of the other people. I think the industry is really pulling together. There is that hope that the American public sees the value of our farmers and ranchers.”

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