RAM Trucks Gives Back to FFA

Few of us will forget the voice of the late Paul Harvey as a backdrop to the RAM Truck commercial that aired during this year’s SuperBowl. Dave Sowers, head of marketing for RAM Trucks talks with Southern Farm Network’s Bob Midles at the 70th Annual NAFB Convention in Kansas City about the success of the commercial and what’s happened since:

“It’s always controversial when you start looking at an ad for a SuperBowl because you get one shot to do it right and you are spending a lot of money. We are very happy with the results and we think we struck a chord with the farmers and ranchers in general.

The approach we took was to go very un-SuperBowl-like. We didn’t have RAM trucks in every frame, but when the commercial was over you knew who put the ad on the air. The response from the ag community has been tremendous.

We had a partnership going into this with CaseIH, Farms.com and with the FFA. The most important extension of the commercial was ‘The Year of the Farmer’ that we declared this year. And a charitable component with the FFA. We committed to donating $100,000 for every million views of the commercial on YouTube, up to one million dollars. We expected those ten million views to happen in 6-8 months, but it happened in four days. Today we are over 20 million views. That speaks to the passion of the ag community, it’s a lifestyle not an occupation.

Two weeks ago, we made the million dollar donation to the FFA and the next extension will be a coffee table book of all of the photography that was in the commercial, plus more. It will be available on www.RAMtrucks.com/outfitter  . The proceeds will go to FFA and provide the gift of Blue, which allows the FFA to provide the blue jackets to those members who have earned them but cannot afford them.

As far as the next SuperBowl, it would be foolish for us to follow up that spot with another campaign because the results have just been off the charts.”

To view the commercial click here.

Head of marketing for RAM Trucks, Dave Sowers.

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