Quality of U.S. Soybean Crop Impacted by Drought

The overall oil levels in last year’s soybean crop increased over the previous year – but average protein fell. That’s according to a recent soy-checkoff funded study. According to the soy checkoff’s annual U.S. Soybean Quality Survey – the oil level in the U.S. soybean crop rose just slightly to 18.5-percent – with protein dropping a half-point to 34.3-percent. Dr. Seth Naeve – who conducted the study – says the drought likely had a hand in holding protein levels down. He says weather has a dramatic impact on soybean quality. Overall – he says the quality was pretty good considering the conditions. United Soybean Board Customer Focus Action Team Chair Sharon Covert says the results of the survey are important to the biggest users of U.S. soy. She says U.S. soybean growers should take every possible course of action to improve soy oil and meal – which will help protect and expand markets.

Starting with the 2013 crop – the checkoff will implement a new program to monitor weather conditions in soybean test plots and correlate that information with quality outcomes and variety performance. The work will complement the Soybean Quality Survey.

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