Public Hearing in Columbia, NC on Use of GMO

This evening, in Columbia, North Carolina there will be a public hearing on limiting the planting of GMO crops near or in a national wildlife refuge. Executive Director of the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association, Dan Weathington:

“There are a series of hearings in the southeast by the National Wildlife Federation that oversees the national wildlife reserves. There are some groups that don’t want genetically modified crops and/or use Roundup ready variety of soybeans, etc.”

In addition to suggesting a ban on GMO’s and roundup ready crops inside a wildlife refuge, the groups are also asking for a significant buffer according to Weathington:

"They also want an additional ten mile barrier around (the farm), that would be devastating to the farmers across the country.”

As in many circumstances these days, Weathington says this is a solution in search of a problem:

"They are a solution in search of a problem. You don’t fix something that is not broken. What we have going now, is not broken. All of these products have followed, to the letter, the federal guidelines for genetically modified chemicals and crops. People just need to live with it.”

Weathington gives the particulars of tonight’s public hearing:

“The meeting is in downtown Columbia at the National Wildlife Refuge office.”

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