Pressure for GMO Labeling is High

California could become the first state to require labeling of any food sold in the state containing ingredients made from genetically modified crops. California voters will make that decision on November 6th and polls have shown strong support for Proposition 37. But as the vote nears – that support appears to be waning. A new survey by the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy and the California Business Roundtable shows support for the so-called Right to Know measure has dropped from 66.9-percent to 48.3-percent in just two weeks. The survey shows opposition has increased to 40.2-percent – up from 22.3-percent.

Even if the voters of California decide against mandatory labeling – pressure is mounting on the federal government to tighten regulation of GMO crops and the foods they become. A national labeling campaign is underway. The Center for Food Safety filed a legal petition seeking mandatory labeling for GMO foods last year. The Food and Drug Administration has received more than 1.2-million comments in support of that petition. The Organic Consumers Association said last week it was delivering a petition with the backing of 200-thousand consumers calling on President Obama to require labeling. In addition – 14 states considered new bills on labeling or banning GMO foods last year. Federal regulators have repeatedly deemed any labeling or regulatory safety testing unnecessary. is dedicated to serving the agricultural industry in the Carolinas and Virginia with the latest ag news, exclusive regional weather station readings, and key crop market information. The website is a companion of the Southern Farm Network, provider of daily agricultural radio programming to the Carolinas since 1974. presents radio programs, interviews and news relevant to crop and livestock production and research throughout the mid-Atlantic agricultural community.