Pork Checkoff Report on PRRS Issued

Pork producers have been sent a report from the Pork Checkoff about Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, a formidable and costly enemy of the industry. Speaking of the report, National Pork Board President Everett Forkner says – whether it’s looking at the real-time challenges, such as the implementation of regional elimination, or long-term issues, such as determining genetic resistance to PRRS, Checkoff is involved on the frontlines of research on producers’ behalf.

PRRS has been a challenge for producers since the late 1980s and remains one of the most costly diseases that producers face. In a recent Checkoff-funded economic assessment, PRRS has been shown to cost the industry more than 664-million dollars a year, which translates to nearly 115-dollars per sow.

Lisa Becton, DVM, director of swine health information and research for the Pork Checkoff, says – the PRRS Initiative Research 2004-2011Report offers a comprehensive reference on the evolution of PRRS research and can help with the development of herd health management strategies.

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