Poll Shows Support for RFS

Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen says poll after poll demonstrates Americans believe we must pursue the production and use of renewable fuels to reduce our dependence on imported oil. A recent poll commissioned by RFA showed 61-percent of adults support the key federal policy driving renewable fuel innovation in the country today – the Renewable Fuel Standard. Dinneen says the RFS ensures ample supplies of renewable fuels like ethanol are available now – and that new promising renewable fuel technologies will have a market in the future. He adds that it has proven effective in addressing the nation’s goals by helping reduce volumes of imported oil, create jobs and lower greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuel.

The poll – conducted by American Viewpoint – also showed Americans have a strong desire to increase their use of domestic ethanol. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they were very likely or somewhat likely to purchase a fuel with more domestic ethanol – specifically E15 – when available. Sixty-five percent of poll participants said they support incentives to help expand cellulosic ethanol production – and seventy-five percent would support requiring automakers to build cars to run on fuel sources other than oil.

Dinneen says there’s an overwhelming wave of support for developing energy policy that looks beyond just fossil fuels. By protecting the RFS, supporting the breakthrough of advanced and cellulosic ethanol production and expanding renewable fuel options through greater ethanol blends at the pump – he says Congress can respond to the will of the American people and begin creating a more secure and stable energy future.

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