Planning for Summer Delivery on Center Pivots

It’s been a mainstay of Midwestern and Plains farmers for decades, but has only in the past few years begun to make a widespread presence in the southeast, and that’s irrigation. Mike Mills, Territory Manager for Reinke Manufacturing:

“The addition of irrigation has created the opportunity for growers to increase their yields and be much better stewards of the natural resources and drive up farm income.”

Mills explains there’s several factors involved with farmers in the southeast taking a closer look at irrigation:

“There has been a convergence of things. Part of it has to do with field shapes and the ability to justify the investment in the equipment. With the increased price of land and the increase in commodity prices, it’s brought the price of adding irrigation to the irregular shaped fields to be a profit maker for the growers. And add in the fact that we better understand the need for precision application of water.”

In days gone by, most irrigation pumps were powered by diesel, propane, and natural gas. While those fuel sources are still an option, Mills says another modernization has added additional fuel sources:

“Predominantly its electricity. We are seeing electric run pumps. The on-farm electric service has been significantly improved.”

With the irrigation boom in the southeast, there’s been many challenges, namely wait time. Mills says there are ways to take advantage of a number of discounts available with summer delivery, all it takes is some forward planning:

“We have seen some growers who are scheduling their delivery so that if they are in a double crop situation they can use the window between harvest and plant to do an instillation. We have also seen growers leave an assembly lane, a short straight section of field where they don’t plant the crop, with the expectation that the increased yield will offset the small section of land that they left for the construction of the pivot. We also see a lot of growers taking advantage of the lower prices and taking delivery of the machine in July and putting it up after harvest, ready for the following year.”

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