Pioneer to Host Open House at Kinston Research Facility

On Tuesday July 31st, Pioneer Hi-bred will host an open house at their newest location outside Kinston, North Carolina. Glenn Rountree, area manager for Pioneer for Virginia, North Carolina and portions of South Carolina:

“This is an open house for our growers and our retail trade to showcase what we are doing locally. Including the investments we are making in the southern region of Pioneer. We will be showcasing better drought and soybean products. As well as products for sorghum. We will also talk about the egronomy reseach that we do to support the products that we sell.”

Rountree explains that the day will be broken into four segments:

“The first is focused on corn and drought which is specific to our Alcamax brand. We will also talk about ear mold screening because we typically have more disease here on the east coast than other regions. Also, reducing toxins that go into feed stuffs for poultry.”

The morning event gets underway about 9:30, and runs through lunch, according to Rountree:

“It will be inside our new research center. We have a great class of speakers who have lots of information to share. We are excited to showcase the dollars that we have invested to improve our products.”

Area manager for Pioneer, Glenn Rountree.

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