Peanut Harvest in the Tri-state Region Progressing

NC State Extension Peanut Specialist Dr. David Jordan says that peanut harvest in the three-state area is progressing:

“We have a lot of peanuts that have been dug and we have quite a few that have been harvested. I think about 75% have been dug and about 45% have been harvested. We still have some left in the field to dig and harvest. So we will be at it for another couple of weeks.”

Jordan explains that many have backed off the record yield talk of just a couple of months ago, due largely to the weather:

“Most of what I’ve heard people talk about is that we are going to have good yields, but we may not have the record crop that everyone was anticipating two months ago. We will probably be as good as last year, but not a lot better. Its hard to have record crops two years in a row. We should have a really good crop as long as we have good weather over the next two weeks. Weather has been a problem as we’ll get a few days that are dry then get another rain shower.”

And if he had to guess, Jordan says the pounds per acre yield across the three-state region…:

“My average yield is about 3300 pounds. That would be my average for the three-state region. I always try to be a little bit low. I would say as a whole we will be right in that area. We should have pretty good grade, the crop was very compressed, meaning if you pull up a plant many of the pods will be similar in their maturity. “

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