Peach Growers Hopeful; ABF Chicken Not Immune to Market Demands

Peaches need a certain amount of time remaining dormant before they can flower and blosson. If that happens too early at this time of year, and in a couple of months a big freeze arrives, that could be a big disaster for their peaches. Peach Grower Will Williams tells Spectrum News its a gamble.

But because it has been a cold winter so far and the buds on the trees are remaining closed, there’s some optimism about the potential for the peaches in this area this year.


Sanderson Farms, the nation’s third largest poultry processor, says demand for antibiotic free chicken is not matching the amount of ABF poultry being produced, threatening the bottom line of America’s poultry producers.
In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Sanderson says its customers are not demanding ABF chicken from Sanderson because they buy fresh chicken primarily based on price. Sanderson added that it has no indication that it is losing market share by not offering ABF chicken because it focuses on the retail grocery and big bird deboning markets.


From the “You DO know that, Right?” Department, more than 90 percent of U.S. consumers say they eat meat at least occasionally, but nearly half of respondents in a recent survey agreed with the statement, “I support a ban on slaughterhouses.”
The Oklahoma State University survey asked those who agreed if they were aware that slaughterhouses are necessary to the consumption of meat; of those, nearly three-quarters said they were.