Organic Canola Field Tours in Hyde County Next Week

Next week, two farms in Hyde County North Carolina will be showing plots and answering questions on their experience growing organic canola. Molly Hamilton, NCSU Extension Assistant in the Crop Science Department says that a total of 75 acres on two farms was grown this year:

“The canola will be close to harvest, so it will be a good chance to see how it performs in the field and get prospective from the participating farmers. It will be our second year of research so we have had information to put out to farmers, and now they are starting to try it.”

These particular plots are organically grown according to Hamilton:

“There is a growing demand for organic across the board, but there is a buyer in Georgia, who has been able to convert to be able to take organic oil seed crops, including canola, and they are looking to contract for it. They are looking in the bordering states to contract organic acreage for canola.” 

While these particular test plots are organic, Hamilton says that there’s also a market for convention oil seed crops:

“The market for conventional canola and rape seed, a similar type plant but with higher levels of acid.”

Hamilton explains that one tour is late afternoon on the 30th:

“On May 30th the tour will start at five pm at Hickory Meadows Organics in Whitakers, NC. On the 31st the tour begins at nine am at Pocosin Farms in Pantego, NC. Tours are about an hour long and a great opportunity to get out in the field and see what is happening from a research perspective.These field tours will provide an opportunity to see organic (and conventional) canola production and talk to farmers growing it. We will discuss the challenges, benefits, and research of organic canola production in the state, as well as hear from regional buyers of organic and conventional canola and rapeseed."

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