Ohio Producer Joins NPB Board OF Directors

Wearing more than one hat in agriculture may lead to a well-rounded experience, whether it be as a volunteer or professional. Ohio producer Jess Campbell owns Carrol Creek Farms, a direct-to-consumer operation, and she’s the vice president of food and agribusiness for Farm Credit MidAmerica as a lender to the swine industry.

“While everyone carries a bias, I feel like I’m pretty dynamic in my ability to see all issues from those different lenses of different producers because I’m living one side and helping the out there. My aunt and uncle have like a 300 show, farrow-to-finish hog farm I grew up working on. I’ve kind of been in the middle range too, so I have a pretty good idea of the different cross sections of the industry.”

One strength Campbell brings her newly elected Board of Directors position with the National Pork Board is the ability to see both sides of the pork industry, from the smaller to the larger producer.

“Keeping that lens, understanding the small niche that I live every day at home, and then understanding the lens of the customers that I serve that are the larger producers in this country, and then trying to find the common ground with all those cross sections of the industry, keeping in a very objective, non-biased lens, with all those opinions aggregated.”

She wants pork producers to know the Checkoff investments are in good hands with the leadership of the National Pork Board.

“Been a lot of collaboration with the leadership of the National Pork Board and other key stakeholders in the pork industry. Everyone on that board has a strong passion to represent them and open as many pathways for not only the environmental sustainability, but also the financial sustainability of their industry.”