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NPB: Healthy Pigs, Healthy Humans

NPB: Healthy Pigs, Healthy Humans
Photo by Nathan Latil/NC State Veterinary Medicine

Swine health is an everyday focus for pork producers, but the health of people is equally important. Dr. Heather Fowler, Director of Producer and Public Health with the National Pork Board, says the One Health approach for the industry acknowledges the link between animal, human, and environmental health.

“I will say in the swine industry, the One Health approach is ingrained. Every single day, our producers are working to optimize pig health to produce a product that is not only safe but nutritious for people. And in doing so, they’re optimizing, again, pig health, but also animal welfare, protecting their workers, and their surrounding community.”

Fowler explains how the One Health and We Care principles work together. The flu season immunizations are a good example of how to protect pigs and people.

“In the middle of flu season right now, that means that they should get vaccinated, that they should work with their veterinarians to optimize pig health and prevent flu in their herd, and that means that they should work to protect their communities, again, through that influenza vaccine and through optimizing pig health.”

No matter if the flu is in pigs or people, producers should work with their herd veterinarian or medical doctor to optimize health for the sake of all.

“As it relates to employees, if they suspect their employees are sick or if their employees think they are sick, they should stay home and/or seek medical advice from a healthcare professional. it’s by leaning on those health care professionals in veterinary medicine and human medicine that we’re going to again protect humans, animals, and the planet.”

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